Stem Cell Therapy Maple Grove MN Symptoms to Look For

There are a variety of symptoms that Med Cell Regenerate in Maple Grove can help. Read about them below:

Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis: Arthritis that occurs when the tissue in the end joint wears down over time.

  • Symptoms: Pain, Stiffness, cracking noises, swelling/inflammation, tenderness. Also common joint deformity or causing a limp in knee.

Ligament damage (ACL, MCL, LCL)

  • Injuries of these ligaments can cause many symptoms to and include, Pain in the knee, Redness and swelling, Decreased range of motion in the knee, Difficulty applying weight to the knee, a feeling of looseness in the knee joint. If there is a popping noise at time of injury, typically that means it is a severe grade III sprain/tear.

Meniscus Tear: Occurs when the rubbery cartilage in the knee joint tears or rips, leaving the patient with these symptoms.

  • Symptoms: Pain, Swelling, stiffness and difficulty extending the knee are the most common symptoms.

Shoulder Pain

Arthritis: Happens when the cartilage in the shoulder covering the bones gets worn away cause the rough bones to touch or rub against each other.

  • Symptoms: Most common is pain, especially during movement or activity. There are 2 different areas it can hurt. First is the G-H joint which hurts mostly in the back of the shoulder, the 2nd is the A-C which is the top of the should near the collar bone. Another symptom is loss of mobility or motion in the shoulder. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all, and if let untreated can result in the symptoms above.

Labrum Tear: The tissue attached to the outside or “rim” of the shoulder which helps keep the shoulder in the socket, when that cartilage tears it is called a Labral Tear.

  • Symptoms: Pain, felt deep inside the shoulder, most commonly described as an ache, rather than a shooting pain or “nerve” pain, popping and clicking is also common, major loss of range of motion.

Bursitis: Inflammation of the shoulder or Bursa. Typically caused by trauma, whether that is a fall or overuse type injury.

  • Symptoms: Pain around the tip or outside of the shoulder, painful when touched, swelling and redness in or around the shoulder, painful when “reaching” such as touching the top of your head or grabbing something on a shelf.

Rotator Cuff Syndrome or Rotator Cuff Tendinitis: Swelling of the tissues (tendons) connecting the muscles and bones in the shoulder.

  • Symptoms: Pain described as a dull ache and normally followed by stiffness in and around the shoulder joint. Most common treatment are Steroid injections/Cortisone, which actually do not treat the problem they just cover the pain.

Hip Pain

Arthritis: Is a breakdown of the cartilage in the hip joint area.

  • Symptoms: The Most Common symptoms are Pain with activities, Limited range of motion in the hip area (walking, squatting, bending) Stiffness of the hip, pain in the groin, thigh or knee areas.

Bursitis: A common type of Hip Pain

  • Symptoms: Pain on the outside of the hip that’s worse with activities such as standing, walking and running

Back & Neck Pain

Arthritis: Wear down of cartilage in the spine between the discs /vertebrae.

  • Symptoms: Weakness or numbness in the legs or arms. If it severe enough to affect spinal nerves or spinal cord itself. Usually the discomfort is relieved when the person is lying down. Pain in the specific part that is arthritic. Muscle spasms is also common. Can also feel pain in the thighs, which is where it can get confused with hip problems.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

What is it? Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is when the bodies immune system attacks its own tissue, including joints and in severe cases it attacks internal organs.

RA affects joint linings, which in turn will cause painful swelling. Over long periods of time, the inflammation associated with RA can cause bone erosion and joint deformity. The difference between, osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis is RA is auto immune and osteoarthritis normally from over use, or wear and tear of specific joints.

Most people who experience RA will typically notice the first symptoms in their hands/knuckles of their fingers.


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