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Chronic Pain Maple Grove MN Arthritic Knee

"My name is Joe. I had the regenerate injections to both my knees about 3 months ago. I have suffered pain in both my knees since I was 12 years old. Now I'm 54 years old. Before I had the procedures on both of my knees, it was very painful to walk, stand, going up and down the stairs was very painful! After the procedure I am able to walk, stand and get up and down stairs without pain. It seems like my knees are getting better each and every day. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone that is looking at knee replacement."

- Joe C.

"I've had terrible pain for over 20 years in both hands. My fingers were so painful and swollen, I could not wear my wedding ring. After 5 months from just 2 treatments, my pain is gone and my hands are stronger/flexible again. I even had my husband buy me a new ring."

- Esther

"I was in a car accident and my physical therapist said 'we can't help you, I'm sorry'. They'd told me I'd have to have a knee replacement and I told them, no, I'm not doing it!

I had the regenerative medicine injections in both knees. I would highly recommend this procedure, to anyone!

The injection was done without pain. It was amazing; I saw results within about three weeks!"

- Barbara Y.

"I had pain for years in my hip. I got so bad I needed a cane just to walk. After my treatment in just 6 weeks, I noticed huge improvements. It's been 1 year since my treatment and now I can do anything I want to do. No pain and no cane!"

- Talina

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