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Chronic Pain Maple Grove MN Katherine Brooks


I am excited to offer non-surgical treatments that provide pain relief and overall wellness to life. We are now able to offer hope and life to thousands of individuals. I have been a practicing physician for the past 24 years. I have served many roles over the years from emergency room physician, medical director, medical examiner, medical instructor, and site physician.

My qualifications include:

  • American Board of Internal Medicine, (ABIM)Diplomat; National Board of Physicians and Surgeons,(NBAPS) Diplomat;
  • Fellowship of the American College of Physicians, (FACP);and American Academy of Pediatrics.
Chronic Pain Maple Grove MN Paul Williams
Movement Health Solutions, INC. Owner

Dr. Paul Williams, D.C.

Med Cell Regenerate was started in January 2018 as an adjunct to The Movement Health Solutions. Since 1999, Dr. Paul Williams has successfully owned and operated 12 multidisciplinary health clinics. He wanted to offer more for people who had degeneration and arthritic disease. Discovering the amazing regenerative properties of stem cells, exosomes, and peptide therapy, he knew this needed to be available to people.

His inspiration was to offer services (in the realm of natural healing) for people who couldn't be helped with drugs or surgery. He wanted to provide people treatment that would give long term solutions as well as undo years of permanent damage. In addition to regenerative exosomes, Med Cell Regenerate has been able to expand its services to include Peptides, Dysport and Botox injections, hyaluronic acid, chronic pain therapy, and PRP. 

"I give all credit to God and thank Him for everything He has done for me."

- Dr. Paul Williams

Chronic Pain Maple Grove MN Kristine Williams
Movement Health Solutions, INC CFO

Kristine Williams

I am so fortunate to have found health in my life after being diagnosed with cancer. My story starts when I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma after going into the doctor's office with back pain. This diagnosis took me down the medical route of chemotherapy, dozens of CAT scans, and many drugs.

It wasn't until my weight had dropped to 110lbs, I was constantly sick and weak from the chemotherapy drugs and my hair started falling out that I knew I had to find another way. I knew I was going to die if I continued down this medical paradigm for treating cancer.

Against the oncologist's advice, against my family and friends' advice, against the fear of the unknown, I stopped all my cancer treatment. I began my own journey of discovery for health. It was hundreds of hours on the internet, dozens of books on health, and many hours speaking with natural paths, chiropractors, holistic M.D.'s, and dentists, that I journeyed. Now 15 years later, I am still here. The oncologist at Mayo Clinic gave me a year to live. Well, here I am alive, happy, and healthier than ever before.

I am so passionate about health. I found true health to be a balance of right eating, right nutrition, right exercise, right relationships, stress reduction, a nervous system working at 100%, family, and God. This is what I strive to balance in my life and in the clinic.

Since about 2007 I have managed very busy chiropractic offices. I have done just about everything you can imagine except treat. I love what I do. This is my story and I would very much like to meet you.

Chronic Pain Maple Grove MN Josh Masera
General Manager

Josh Masera

I have grown up with an alternative medicine lifestyle so I have always had an interest in natural healing. Even though I am still active in the Army (Minnesota Army National Guard) Regenerative Medicine has intrigued me with its ability to treat conditions never thought possible.

I have used my military experience and passion for health to help implement and grow Med Cell Regenerate into the number one regenerative medicine clinic in Minnesota.

Chronic Pain Maple Grove MN Jennifer Dart
Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer Dart

I discovered my passion for helping others achieve their health goals during high school working in a small-town care center. This sparked interest in a career in nursing. I graduated with honors from UW Eau Claire in 1992. I worked as an RN in cardiac care units, ER, and ICU in Saint Louis until 1999 while I attended graduate school at Saint Louis University.

During my 21 years as a nurse practitioner, I have provided primary care and care coordination for a diverse group of adults with multiple complex health care needs. I have collaborated with numerous health care professionals in research studies, clinic protocols, policy development, and continuing education programs.

My passion is still empowering others to obtain their health goals. I have been honored to serve many adults in various ways over their journey navigating an often-intimidating and complex health care system. Over the past two decades, I have gained a wide array of experiences in pain management, disease prevention, innovation, and patient safety with pharmacologic and non-pharmacological treatment options.

Chronic Pain Maple Grove MN Danielle Waldock
Medical Assistant

Danielle Waldock

I've been fortunate enough to be working in the natural health and wellness field since 2010. I grew up in a home that was all about eating natural and healthy food. Working in a natural health care environment was an easy transition for me. The fact that I love being healthy makes my job helping others easy.

What I love about working at Med Cell Regenerate is to help people who are at the end of their rope. Regenerate Medicine really does change lives and that's why I come to work every day.

Outside of work, I love taking my dog (Jade) for walks, camping, hiking, fishing, and shooting my bow. I am probably more of a tomboy so spending time outdoors is always my preference. My perfect vacation would include me in the mountains camping along a stream with a fishing pole in hand. God and family are very important to me as well.


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