X-Rays for Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy Maple Grove MN X-Ray

We use digital x-rays in our Maple Grove Stem Cell Therapy office for the main purpose of evaluating structural integrity, anomalies, fractures and cartilage degeneration. Using this as a diagnostic procedure for the care and treatment of our patients helps to minimize liability. We are also able to make better recommendations for treatment and outpatient referral.

We understand that some clinics do not use diagnostic x-rays for the evaluation and treatment of their patients. Since it is impossible to see skeletal and joint integrity, fractures, and anomalies with a naked eye we do not want to guess about our patient’s health. Doing so could be injurious.

Interesting fact: Chiropractors get 271 hours of x-ray time in classroom from their chiropractic curriculum verses only 13 hours a medical doctor gets from medical school.

Due to this fact, the D.C we have in house does administer the X-rays, but the MD and NP are the ones who administer the actual Stem Cell Procedure.


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